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How It Works

We will meet with you at your property and sit down with you to design a Christmas light and decoration package just for you. A free “a la carte” estimate will be provided to you and you can tell us exactly what you want. If you do not already have lights and décor you can purchase commercial grade LED lights, wreaths, and garland from us. Upon agreement, you will be put on the installation schedule.

Installation Date: Installation will consist of uniformed and trained personnel completing your job to specifications. Installation will not occur in inclement weather, for safety reasons, and will be rescheduled to the first available date. You do not have to be home for the installation. We ask that all lights and décor be readily available outside, if not you may lose your install date. All outside outlets must be operating and turned on if you are not home. Your job is our priority!

Removal Date: Removal will consist of uniformed and trained personnel removing everything we installed. All lights will be neatly rolled or looped, labeled, and put into a plastic bin for proper care and storage. All garland and wreaths will be put in commercial grade plastic bags or the original cardboard box, if available. Our goal is to have all our clients' lights down by January 21st.

Anything you purchase from us is yours to keep.

All employees will be in uniform and will have gone through extensive safety and installation/removal training.


christmas lights installation Amarillo
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